General Guidelines

  1. The producers are invited to submit documentary projects (preferably a feature) with an international appeal and a bearing on Israeli and regional topics.
  2. The film project should have a connection to Israel, or to Jewish world of content (The Jewish people, religion, culture, history, etc.)
  3. Each producer may submit up to three projects (including digital project).
  4. Preference is given to filmmakers with experience in international co-productions (not necessarily European).
  5. Submitted films must already have a secured funding source, such as a broadcasting body or a film fund.
  6. Submitted films must be in an advanced editing stage, looking for possibilies of completion's production / Pre-buy.
  7. The registration fee is 150 Eur.

Selection process

The projects will be selected by CoPro’s Israeli representatives, with an emphasis on 3 major elements:

  • Relevance to Israeli or Jewish issues, as well as to regional issues.
  • International topics which may have a broad interest.
  • Quality of proposal.

    Selected Projects
  1. Successful projects will be selected and announced during April 2018. 
  2. The producers will have full access to all of the Co- Production Market events, as well as to viewing Israeli projects for potential collaborations.

For further information, please contact us - | +972-3-6518802