Nicolas Burlet - Switzerland

Founder and Producer of Nadasdy Films

About Nicolas Burlet

Nicolas Burlet is the founder and producer of Nadasdy Films, along with asrtistic director Zoltan Horvath. Nicolas specializes in the production of animated TV series and specials, feature films, and numerous animated shorts.


About Nadasdy Films

Nadadsy Films is a Geneva-based animation production company and studio.

The company produced dozens of original and commercial animated projects, from feature films, through TV series and to multimedia projects, and many award-winning short films. Most of the company's films are produced in-house, alongside co-productions with partners all over the world.


From Nadasdy Films' Latest Work

Les Gratte-Ciel (animated short)

Vent de Fete (animated short)

Intimity (animated short)

Le Petit Bonhomme de Poche (animated short)

Habitat (animated short)

Mon Ange (animated short)

Le Vent Dans Les Roseaux (TV special)

Lucens (animated documentary)

Belle Comme un Coeur (animated short)

Le Banquet de la Concubine (animated short)