Jean-François Le Corre - France

producer and founder of production company Vivement Lundi!

About Jean-François Le Corre

Jean-François Le Corre is a producer and founder of production company Vivement Lundi!.

Jean-François founded the company in 1998, after working as a production manager at Lazennec Bretagne, and following the production course EAVE Arc Atlantique and the Eurodoc Seminar.

Since, Jean-François has produced and co-produces numerous animated films and documentaries, that won over 200 awards all over the world.


About Vivement Lundi!

Vivement Lundi! is a production company that focuses on animated shorts, animated TV and web series, and documentary films. The animation department at Vivement Lundi! produces and co-produces original 2D and stop motion animated films.

The company and its films won numerous awards, including 'Best French Animation Producer for TV' in 2011, 'Best European Animation Producer' at Cartoon Tribute 2015, and the UniFrance Award 2016 for 'Best French Exporter of Short Films'. In addition, Vivement Lundi!'s pitch at the 2013 Cartoon Forum in Toulouse for the project The Science Of Botheration, broke all records and was the most seen pitch in 24 editions of Cartoon Forum.


From Vivement Lundi! Recent Work

Of Shadows and Wings (animated short)

Storm Hits Jacket  (animated short)

Welcome to Bric-and-Broc (TV series)

Dimitri (TV series)

Oh Willy… (animated short)