Eric Reginaud - France

The Head of Ciclic Animation since 2015

About Eric Reginaud

Eric Reginaud is the head of Ciclic Animation since 2015.

Prior to that, Eric worked as an animation studio manager, a producer and distributor, and as a drawing teacher.


About Ciclic Animation

Ciclic is the Centre – Val de Loire regional agency for cinema, audiovisual, book and digital culture.

Ciclic manages the film fund for cinema and audiovisual in the region, and has a special animation fund for the development of feature films and TV series, a fund for the production of short films, and an artists-in-residence program.

The funds support French film makers, as well as international film makers in co-production with France. The fund supports 20 projects every year, including international productions.


Projects in Residence (partial)

Fairy Wheels

La Chute

Je Sors Acheter des Cigarettes


Supported by Ciclic Animation (partial)

Negative Space (animated short)

Pepe le Morse

A Festive Wind

Musi & Cuckoo (TV series)


Israeli point of interest - Israeli film maker Tal Kantor won the Ciclic Prize of a production grant and residency, at the 2017 Annecy Festival pitches.