Emily Paige - Canada

President, Creative Producer and Managing Partner at E*D Films, an indie animation house and digital tools lab

About Emily Paige

Emily Paige is president, creative producer and managing partner at E*D Films, an indie animation house and digital tools lab.

Emily sits on the board of L'Alliance Quebec Animation and the advisory board of Montreal in Motion, and was a juror for the transmedia pitches at Marche International du Film d'Animation at Annecy.

 About E*D Films

E*D Films is an award winning animation house, digital tools lab, and full-service studio, based in Quebec, Canada.

The studio works in various techniques to create a wide range of projects for the animation and gaming industry, including films, 360 animation production, tutorials and tools. E*D Films also shares its unique processes and knowledge via educational tutorials and broadcasts online, and often works in collaboration with the NFB.

The studio's work was screened at multiple festivals and won many awards, including a Webby in 2011, a Power To The Pixel in 2015, and an Annecy/MIFA selection in 2016.


From E*D Films' Work

The Nanurluk: Giant Bear (short film, in development)

Monster Fish: In Search Of The Last River Giants (short film)

Elemented: A Sci-Non-Fi Adventure Story (in development)

Let There Be Light (animation for a documentary feature)