Charlotte de la Gournerie - Denmark

Producer and Co-Owner at Sun Creature Studio

About Charlotte de la Gournerie

Charlotte de la Gournerie is a producer and co-owner at Sun Creature Studio.

A graduate of the Gobelins production department, Charlotte worked as a production manager for various projects, before joining Sun Creature in 2014.

She is currently producing several major animated projects (both feature films and series), and shares her experience in production and crowd-funding in talks and lectures around Europe. Charlotte often works with animators Uri and Michele Kranot, and is a consultant in their documentary animation workshops.


 About Sun Creature Studio

Sun Creature Studio is an international animation production company, that is based in Denmark, and consists of 7 permanent members.

The company focuses on end-to-end productions and co-productions of high level animation, and shares its work process and behind-the-scene content, in order to promote inspiring and encouraging dialogue between creators.

Sun Creature produces a wide scope of projects, including both indie and mainstream TV and web series, feature length fiction and documentary films.


From Sun Creature's Work

Flee (animated documentary feature, in development – won the 2016 Disney Channel prize at the Annecy/MIFA pitching event)

Emara – Emirate Hero (mini-series)

Spirit Seeker (animated feature, in development)

The Reward – Tales of Alethrion (TV series, in production)

The Heroic Quest if the Valiant Prince Ivandoe (series for Cartoon Network)