About CoPro

CoPro – Documentary and Animation Marketing Foundation

The link between Israeli documentary and animation international industries


CoPro, the Israeli Content Marketing Foundation, is the first and only non-profit in Israel dedicated exclusively to Israeli cinematic content. For over 20 years, we have created a turning point in the Israeli film industry, expanding its business potential abroad by promoting and marketing Israeli documentary & animation films in the global market. Since 1999, we have been working towards our goal to create collaboration between Israeli filmmakers and their counterparts abroad.

Every spring, CoPro hosts The Israeli Documentary Coproduction Market and bring commissioning editors, network executives, film fund managers, festival directors, independent producers, sales agents and international distributors to Israel. During the market, the decision makers are exposed to the latest Israeli work in progress in order to create potential international coproductions.

In addition, CoPro supports the animation industry by creating professional networks and mentoring programs such as Animarket and Animadoc.

While CoPro makes deals possible, it is not a party of the deals and all financial transactions take place directly between a film’s investors and its creators.

In 2005, CoPro received the Knesset Speakers' Quality of Life Prize for its contribution to the distribution of Israeli documentary films around the world.

Some of the best Israeli documentaries were materialized with the support of CoPro, including:

The Jewish Underground, Director: Shai Gal, Producer: Koby Nussbaum 
Family in Transition, Director: Ofir Trainin, Producer: Tal Barda
Unsettling, Director: Iris Zaki, Producers: Iris Zaki, Osnat Saraga
Forever Pure, Director: Maya Zinshtein, Producers: Maya Zinshtein, Geoff Arbourne, John Battsek
Café Nagler, Director: Mor Kaplansky Producers: Liran Atzmor, Yariv Barel, Mor Kaplansky
Who’s Gonna Love Me Now? Directors and Producers: Tomer Heymann & Barak Heymann
Censored Voices, Director: Mor Lushy Producers: Daniel Sivan, Hilla Medalia
Five Broken Cameras, Directors: Emad Burnat, Guy Davidi 
Producers: Christine Camdessus, Serge Gordey, Emad Burnat, Guy Davidi
The Gatekeepers, Director: Dror Moreh, Producers: Dror Moreh, Philippa Kowarsky, Estelle Fialon
A Film Unfinished, Director: Yael Hersonski Producers: Itay Ken-Tor, Noemy Schory
The Law in These Parts, Director: Ra'anan Alexandrowicz Producer: Liran Atzmor
The Flat, Director: Arnon Goldfinger, Producers: Arnon Goldfinger, Thomas Kufus
Life in Stills, Director: Tamar Tal, Producer: Barak Heymann
and many more.


CoPro's main objectives are –

Cultivate cooperation between Israeli documentarians and their professional peers overseas.

Expose international audiences to fresh, thought-provoking perspectives on Israeli reality and its social, political and cultural complexities.

Nurture Israeli documentary filmmakers – experienced and emerging – from all national, ethnic and religious walks-of-life.

Facilitate the international co-production, and advance the international sale of Israeli documentaries.

By meeting these objectives for almost two decades, CoPro has transformed the Israeli documentary landscape both in numbers and in quality. Today, international co-productions and sales are the basis of the Israeli documentary industry.

To date, CoPro's activities have yielded between 5 and 8 million shekels (approximately two million dollars) in annual foreign investments in Israeli documentaries. The only other main funding source for Israeli documentaries is the Israel Film Council. They are required to invest 10 million shekels in Israeli documentaries annually. In other words, Israeli documentaries receive an annual 35% budgetary boost thanks to the co-production deals mediated by CoPro. Given the limited size of the local market and audience, creative partnerships beyond Israel’s borders ensure that independent Israeli documentaries continue to flourish.

CoPro’s achievements in numbers:he Israel Film Council. They are required to invest 10 million shekels in Israeli documentaries annually. In other words, Israeli documentaries receive an annual 35% budgetary boost thanks to the

  • 627 international documentary co-productions.
  • 320 buyers and investors from leading television networks and film funds around the globe have come to Israel (including: Head of programming at BBC Four, Head of programming of the prestigious Theme Evenings program at ZDF/ARTE, Head of Educational Television in Canada, the Sundance Foundation and more).
  • 87,800,000 shekels have been invested in Israeli documentary films through CoPro’s activities.
  • Over 262 million viewers around the world.
  • 310 films have been broadcasted on dozens of TV stations in Israel and abroad.