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CoPro 17, 2015
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CoPro 17 - The Israel Documentary Screen Market
May 24th - May 31st, 2015 has ended successfully!

2016 submission dates will be updated shortly

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C U at CoPro 18 - The Israeli Documentary Screen Market!
May 29th - June 4th 2016 in Tel Aviv, Israel

CoPro 18 - May 29th - June 4th 2016 in Tel Aviv was a great success!

CoPro in Numbers

115 documentary projects were presented (out of which 8 were foreign).
616 meetings took place, 66 out of which around the foreign projects.
157 films were presented and 134 viewings took place in the Docushuk track.
78 investors attended the market.
6 prizes were given out, amounting to 76,900 NIS.

The Hartley Foundation awarded a $2500 grant to ”Back to Sebastia” (Director: Mordechai Vardi, Producer: Michael Treves)
FIPA awarded an invitation to their pitching forum, with all expenses covered (registration, travel, 3-night accommodation, estimated worth: $1500) to:
”How We Got Here/The Road to ISIS” (Director: Itai Anghel, Producer: Yariv Mozer)

See you at CoPro 19!

CoPro 17, the Israel Documentary Screen Market Proved to be a great success!

500 meetings took place between Israeli filmmakers and 60 foreign investors, who admired the quality and scope of the Israeli documentary cinema.

Over 120 Israeli filmmakers presented works in various production stages at the pitching, close encounters, new-media and rough-cut tracks. Alongside them 200 finished films were presented for sale at the Docushuk.

The Docushuk events presented a library of 200 completed films intended for purchase and the Rough-cuts: private screenings of selected films in final stages intended for investments and pre-sale. The buyers expressed a high level of interest in a variety of films and themes, and a number of acquisition contracts are currently in negotiations.

The Pitching event was the bell of the ball, receiving great compliments from our foreign guests as well as from the local audience. The presentations were gifted with originality, talent and courage. Each project was unique and well thought out and, as we see every year, a sharp rise in quality was noticed.
This year, for the first time, the pitching event included development grants: 10,000 € grant, sponsored by Germany’s NDR and SWR broadcast networks, along with a 2,500 $ development prize, sponsored by the Hartley Film Foundation were awarded.
Throughout the conclusions session the panelists kept emphasizing the astounding high level of the presented projects, and added their selection of intended co-productions. In the words of Nathalie Windhorst, Netherlands’ VPRO broadcast network: ”You seem to have good storytelling in your DNA”

The New Media section in the market kept its’ steady growth, with Seven projects in the pitching events and Four projects in Close Encounters. The investors, experts in the field, were deeply impressed by the high technological level and the content quality of the proposed projects. 30 Meetings took place between the projects creators and the foreign investors.

During the market CoPro collaborated with the Tribeca Fund and PrintScreen Festival for digital culture, and held ”Tribeca Hacks”: A 3-day accelerator for development of New Media Ideas.

In what has become a tradition, in 2015 CoPro invited students and young filmmakers to apply for the CoPro Campus track. 10 projects were selected to participate in the market, 3 of them received special development grants:2 grants, each the sum of 10,000 ¤, were awarded by the Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts – Cinema Project. A postproduction grant, valued at 12,000¤ , was awarded by Jungle, Opus and Edit studios. Two projects were invited to participate at the DOK.fest pitching events in Munich, with complete expenses coverage.

CoPro 17 held Retrospective Austria, a special film programme in honor of the establishment of the film treaty between Austria and Israel. The retrospective attracted a large audience and was held in the presence of the Austrian ambassador to Israel, the head of the Austrian Film Institute and the head of the documentary division at the Austrian public television, ORF.

In Producers Day CoPro invited industry professionals for 3 sessions on the subjects of: Feasibility and implications of a theatrical release in the contemporary market, the impact of social issue campaigns on documentaries, and a case study of a film-turned-digital platform.

CoPro in Numbers

120 Israeli Filmmakers
60 International guests, including investors, commissioning editors, buyers, distributors and senior producers
500 one-on-one meetings
200 finished film on Docushuk
9 films in final stages on Rough cut
16 developing projects on the Co-production Pitching Forum
3 grants and awards to outstanding projects
11 New Media projects
10 foreign projects in the Mini-Pitching, from Germany, Sweden, USA, UK and Ukraine
10 CoPro Campus projects, of them 3 outstanding projects were awarded grants

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