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CoPro 17, 2015
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Copro 17 - The Israel Documentary Screen Market
May 24th - May 31st, 2015

09-15.09.14 CoPro’s films screened as part of Mifal Hapais’s ”Culture Days”

17-19.10.14 CoPro’s producer delegation to MEDIMED market, Spain

02-07.12.14 CoPro’s producer delegation to Marseille (Animadoc workshop)

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Copro 17 - The Israel Documentary Screen Market
May 24th - May 31st, 2015

For further information about any of the programs or events,
Tel: +972-3-685 0315
Email: info@copro.co.il

CoPro 16 –

The Israel Documentary Screen Market

24th May- 31th May, 2014, TLV

Celebrating 16 years to CoPro Foundation

60 International leading members of the Documentary World Industry from 15 countries, representatives from the
leading broadcasting channels and film foundations, 3 International Producer Delegations from Canada, Germany and France, and hundreds of Israeli documentary filmmakers will meet during the CoPro Market for the sake of collaborations , and co-productions.

What’s new?

Open call for international producer delegations to CoPro 16
– Deadline has been extended to March 24th!

For more information regarding the international delegations:

Canadian delegation – Press here
German delegation – Press here
French delegation – Press here

CoPro 16 will feature 7 different venues:

1. Pitching

May 28th – May 29th 2014

2. New Media Pitching

May 28th

3. Docoshuk- a market for completed documentary films

May 26th – May 27th

4. Rough-Cut screenings - Docs & Cuts

May 26th – May 27th

5. Close Encounters – Israeli Projects

May 27th – May 29th

6. Close Encounters – International delegations

May 27th – Producer’s delegation pitching

7. CoPro Campus

May 27th – May 29th

More information coming soon…

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